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Meet Michael Goff, Owner!

After leaving high school, I enlisted as a Infantryman In the United States Marine Corps where I served for four years. In my free time I enjoyed engineering and designing products. I opened a gadget store and grew it to a full-time and prosperous business; before deciding to move to Florida, selling it for a healthy exit in a small town. Entrepreneurship is my passion and I want to help others with the American Dream of running a successful business.

Over the years, I have established connections with some of the best Facebook marketers and page managers that took my business to the next level.

At the time, I had never heard of text message marketing before and was amazed to see the effect it had on businesses. Most places don't have issues bringing in new faces but having those customers come back over and over is where the power of text message marketing comes in.  Our world is sensory overload! If I asked you how many unread emails you have, most would say 1,000 +, but if I asked you how many unread text messages you had, you would probably say zero.

I can show you the proper marketing techniques to drive traffic instantly to your location on a slow day, that your customers compliantly signed up for.  And guess what? It's a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising and you only need 3 minutes to setup your next sale or special to attract your previous customers.


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"SenText allows our company to send a quick message, promotion, event update or exclusive contest information to a demographic of people we would never be able to reach with conventional marketing channels such as direct mail or email."

Batavia Downs Gaming & Hotel Batavia, NY


"Our text club has been a very successful addition to our marketing toolbox. We have continued to grow our audience and our redemption rate on our coupons has been great. SenText offers a very concise, intuitive product that is perfect for the novice or seasoned marketer."

PDQ Car Wash Multiple Locations, WI