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Not getting the results you want from social, email or traditional media? Text messaging is the most immediate and effective way for any business, community, or organization to communicate with customers, members, or contact lists.

Did you know businesses can send VIP texts to their audience?

  • We help you create an exciting VIP Mobile Club offer, enticing people to join from anywhere and everywhere.
  • We design artwork and signage, Google listing, social media, and website pop-ups to promote your VIP Text Club.
  • We help you launch your campaign and gather subscribers. Customers see it and opt in by texting your keyword to a 5-digit code from their own phone. Everyone texts!
  • You can then send VIP offers and alerts with links, pictures, and more from your dashboard.
  • 100% spam free, permission based, and TCPA compliant.
  • 99% of texts are read!
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Your subscribers respond and bring friends!

Even if just 10% of your customers join, you will turn a handsome profit!


"When I send out a text, I can count on immediate customer response. My sales increase 10 to 20 customers each time I send out a text. Thanks SenText!"

Small Cakes Tyler, TX


$39 per month
  • 500 messages/month
  • 1 x Set up fee
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Keywords
  • FREE Standard Design
  • Message overages extra


$129+ per month
  • 5000 messages/month
  • 1 x Set up fee
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Keywords
  • FREE Standard Design
  • Volume based tiers for overage


$59 per month
  • 1000 messages/month
  • 1 x Set up fee
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Keywords
  • FREE Standard Design
  • Message overages extra

Message Pricing

Tiers Higest CPMSG CPM
5001 to 15000=0.019 15,000 0.019 $19
15001 to 25,000=0.018 25,000 0.018 $18
25,001 to 40,000=0.017 40,000 0.017 $17
40,001 to 55,000=0.016 55,000 0.016 $16
55,001 to 75,000=0.015 75,000 0.015 $15
75,001 to 100,000=0.014 100,000 0.014 $14
100,001 to 150,000=0.013 150,000 0.013 $13

SMS text message marketing:

A $299 registration/setup fee.

Service fee is $39-129 a month, depending on the amount of messages you need

Sign up with SunBreaker Consulting & you won’t pay for the first 2 months!

And, you may not even have to pay at all with our Free4Life incentives!


Service includes a merchant portal which you can operate and market from. See live data like opt-outs, opens and reply.

SENTEXT will set up digital pop-ups on yours site if requested as part of registration fee.

Facebook page management for $249/month price will vary depending on content and post demand. Consultation for ad management.

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"We’ve worked with SenText for almost a year now and have been very happy with the program. I would recommend SenText to any business and this program has allowed us to target customers we may otherwise miss."

Chick-Fil-A Cumberland, MD


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"Ever since we started using SenText, our sales and customers have increased. Customers love how simple it is to sign-up and that it’s right on their phone. SenText has gone so well for us that we literally have customers come within minutes of sending out a text offer. On days where there is no offer, they’re asking when we will send out another one. Indigo Fruit Smoothies is really happy with the way everything has worked-out with SenText and we are continuing to grow our customer base."

Indigo's Fruit Smoothies Winter Park, FL


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We show you how to gather subscribers. Signage inside your business and throughout social media outlets will help to grow your list of subscribers. Your audience will see it, opt in, and eagerly await your fantastic offers and updates. Let customers know you’re engaged in text marketing. Promote with our proven strategy. Your audience opts in from their device.


Send out offers and announcements from your online dashboard. It takes just 2 minutes! Events, contests, & updates sent directly to your BIGGEST fans who have opted in from their mobile device. They can opt out at any time but only 5% will. They won’t want to miss out!


Your audience will receive your texts within 3 minutes. Make your messages enticing to ensure your customers come back in the door time and time again. Track your results and measure success with our easy to use dashboard.


"We signed up for SenText's texting program approximately 2 months ago and overall, the numbers speak for themselves. We’ve had nearly 150 VIP members join our texting program. Just this alone has generated nearly a 10% increase in business. On the days where we have a marketing campaign, we’ve noticed that approximately 40% of VIP members have taken advantage of our offer for that day. Our refer-a-friend texting strategy and our 25% off for VIP guests are our two favorite strategies."

CC's Coffee House Morgan City, LA

The Process

Launch in 3-5 business days.


Discovery, choose plan & promotion.

Set Up

Send contract. Set up & design.


Meet with your marketing partner for training and launch strategy.


Promote, promote, promote! Grow a massive list.


Engage and send messages to your VIPs.


Customers redeem and tell their friends!

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Text to Win

Emergency Alerts

Text to Join

Birthday or Anniversary Club

Links to Social, Photos, or Video

Lead Generation

Sales, Promotions, VIP Rewards

Event Reminders

Links to 3rd Party Services

Text to Apply


"Our team has used SenText for a few months now and have been pleased with the results. We have grown our list to over 380 people during the three month period we have been using the text marketing. The number of subscribers can be easily tracked and the process of sending a text or selecting the winner of a contest is quick and easy."

Eau Claire Express Baseball Team, Eau Claire WI

FREE4LIFE Program:

We’re the only Mobile Marketing Provider giving you the opportunity to earn a free monthly platform fee for life!

Once you are a SENTEXT Marketing Partner, you can refer up to 4 businesses for 25% off per business!
Some restrictions apply.

25% OFF

50% OFF

75% OFF



Business must sign on with same package or larger and the 25% off your cost begins once referral’s first monthly payment clears. Referral does not have to be the same business and can be anywhere in the US. Message overages are not included.


"We wanted to let you know how well our text plan is working for Leissa’s Hair Studio & Day Spa. It has helped us book gaps and fill spaces for special services. We even use this to send out last minute texts if we have no show appointments. I’m really pleased with the results and will continue to use this text program for the future. Thanks, Tristan."

Leissa's Hair Studio & Day Spa Menomonie, WI

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